Sunday, May 21, 2006

identity and wine

This is a very amusing internet experience for me. Check this out:

The red corset

At my first fitting in Miami, I realized that no matter how good any corset can be, it would never be as good as the one I wore for my big and fabulous Carmen production I did at Glyndebourne a couple of years ago. That red corset was made for ME. It was made for my body; my torso, my chest, my waist, carefully cut and sewn by expert tailors and seamstresses. And in it I triumphed as Carmen singing that spectacular Mcvicar production which I will always remember and love. Seeing the pre-made one given to me as I arrived in Miami, I decided I had nothing to lose by asking Florida Grand to try and rent MY corset, if Glyndebourne would be so kind as to send it over. (This is not such a rare thing; opera companies often like to collaborate and build friendly relationships with each other. They exchange measurement sheets as much as they exchange opinions about their singers).
To my sheer delight,I got my good old corset a few days later, and in that corset, I felt inspired all over again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

once again, packing up...

It's almost the end of my Miami summer. 4 more days and that's it.
I am yanking my last moments on the beach. Sitting there on the white sand by myself, tranqil and quiet,looking at my friend the pelican flying like an eagle on weed , and then going into the water, floating away on the gentle waves.
I am looking forward to getting back home though, I haven't been there for months.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Never boring!

The few days in between shows were not boring. I joined the gym, because all my London weight loss is now Miami weight gain; (yes, dinners out and white wine and there goes all the work!); So the guy in "membership" hooked me up (we Israelis and Cubans know exactly how to "cut deals";) $25 cash under his desk and I am "in" for the rest of my stay. (and I'll sign poster for him)...
I also made a point of going to my favorite beach every day (I go by myself since everybody else is tired of the sun, but that won't stop me!!!) and so I drive there after the gym and jump into the light blue water; That IS what I call heaven!
For my afternoon and evening activities,I get to do a new thing every day.
Went to my first baseball game ( Miami Marlins VS the Phillies) because my Escmillo got to sing the national anthem (!) in exchange for a free commercial for our CARMEN show up on the stadium screen. I am ashamed to admit that his singing was the most exciting part of it all for me (and oh yea, standing on the field seemed to be a special thing to get to do,lucky me!). But it was pretty nice to experience something I have never done before.
The next day, we were taken by a very 'hooked' Miami friend of ours to a CD release party of the famous Latino pop star Estefano. Strangely enough,for some weird reason I already have been to something similar in NYC a few years back (don't ask me HOW I got to go) but I have been to Enrique Iglesias' party too...(wow! 2 Latin pop star Parties in one life time! isn't that a bit strange for an Israeli opera singer???) But anyways it was lots of fun; open bar, cool atmosphere, and me meeting all sorts of people from the Latino- pop entertainment world... tonight: B.B.Q at someone's pool. :)