Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cosi, and you are ready.

One long day , which had me in rehearsal space for 8 full hours, and the entire Cosi Fan Tutte was staged; me, correctly, in it.
I admit, I needed my full concentration power on, so I could remember entrances and exits, recit cuts, props and actions.
But having done the role several times before, gives me an undoubtful advantage and the ability to accomplish all that. with some fun on top.
If you think about the Vienna Staatsoper; that's their more or less USUAL rehearsal time; You go in, you learn your blocking in a day, and the next thing you know, you are thrown on stage for some high profile premiere. Not much of a process unless you've got it in you already, and thank God, I have, and this is not Vienna either. Just a lovely little opera house and a very nice bunch of people around who are extremly grateful... And so am I.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

And your new mission is...

I first got the offer to sing Dorabella in "Cosi fan Tutte" many years ago, while I was in an extremely insecure relationship (and rightly so) with a young singer. And while trying to learn the piece, I realized I simply couldn't memorize it. I had some kind of a mental block with this specific opera, which is all about change of hearts, betrayal, partners deserting each other.
I was living in such a real fear of it all, I just couldn't do it. Couldn't sing it.
I was offered 5 performances, but luckily soon enough in the process, I got a different job opportunity which I gladly chose to accept instead.
Years have gone by and as I separated from the boy, moved on, and grew up, I got many more COSI engagements, with which I could finally agree, and actually enjoy singing.
My near future holds a lot of them , but I am more than happy to be singing one of the most beautiful ensemble pieces ever written.
This week I was not very busy at home, getting ready to start refreshing my mind with the opera for my summer engagement. (There is always work to do; Mainly to get the music back into the body, the brain, and deep into the heart; But here, in addition to that, there are so many recits and so much music, different companies choose different cuts, and so I always need to relearn a few sentences, or leave a few out by their request).
Now, as surprising as it sounds, I am realizing that my "Secret" plan is already working; I got a call to come and rescue a poor opera company who's lost their Dorabella suddenly , and who's in desperate need of a quick jump in.
Hey, what's a better mind/ voice/ spirit refreshing event than a few shows!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No more a secret: work your magic my dear.

1) "ask for what you want for yourself. Be specific".
{ I want to be happy, healthy, I want to evolve. I want to have wholesome, true and happy relationships with everybody around me, and give to the world what I give best> I want to sing a gratifying role in at least 4 very good (very, very good!) opera productions a year , but no more than 8. Two or three different orchestral concerts with extremely musical conductors who can inspire us, and maybe a recital/ show/ recording or two, which involves a few different genres. oh, and a film}.

2)"Believe your wish is already granted. be grateful".
[thank you! thank you! thank you!!!...!]

3)"Visualize the end result".
[ ok: here's one tail of a random, satisfying evening at work, let's say a premiere of an ammmazing production, at the world's best opera house ( I have an idea where it might be):
The curtain has just come down. "Jose", a most passionate and gifted tenor, is helping me to get up on my feet and off we run to the wings. My dresser is there, giving me a kind hand helping to wipe the "blood" sweat and tears off my skin and hair. My heart is racing with excitement. I fix my costume a little more and take a big breath. I cheer the wonderful cast as they bow one by one until my Jose finishes his own triumphant one and behind me, I hear the stage manager: "go".
I wait a bit and gather my self.. Then I step out onto stage and at that moment the entire audience gets up on its feet with loud cheers. (a few red roses land at my feet). Under the bright lights I can only see the first few rows but I notice some teary faces, smiling at me. I bow, ( slightly teary my self), and stay bowing,( counting to 30, catch my breath), then straighten up, and blow a kiss to my beloved crowd with a smile I feel is almost too big for my face. ( God, I love them so much!). I blow a kiss to the fantastic orchestra too, and to all my truly amazing colleagues, crew; I feel gratitude and awe. I kiss the world. I collect my best conductor and director for a few last bows. We are all so happy. I get back to my dressing room. I am filled with great love. Everybody around me is. Even the grumpiest of critics can't deny this; we are moved, we are changed, and you know what; we are better.

Friday, February 09, 2007

freezing and snoozing

Sorry about the slow to no creativity lately. The cold must have been numbing my nerves, my dreams, my ambition and with it my luck , of course. The cheesy but encouraging movie "The secret" taught me that I should force any thoughts in my head to form into only positive ones, so they can materialize into my future reality. I just can't seem to get going on this one yet... will let you know when I finally do.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Das himmliche Leben

I caught the flu in Eilat, gave it to the rest of my family, caught a plane back to New York, and then caught a different virus on the top of the Middle Eastern one. With that, I had to go to Philadelphia and sing Mahler 4 as a guest alumna with the Curtis orchestra, on their special appearance concert at the Kimmel Center.
I swear to God, I wasn't so sure I was gonna make it; But staying at the comfy Warwick hotel for 2 nights, being quiet, drinking gallons of water and shoving Zicam up my nose, I somehow got my voice (and some life) back into me, and managed to be ready to sing again in my second hometown. (I say "hometown" because so many people there know me as "Rini" and to me , that means a loving home).
The kids did a wonderful job playing and for those few minutes of heavenly music, on that stage, I was comforted. runny nose and all.