Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me:--------- (the world)--------------------> There.

How do you pack sweaters and scarves when it's 90 something Fahrenheit around you? Iv' e been trying to imagine the cold, and managed to dig up some old winter clothes from last season (and I can't even bare the thought of trying them on)...
So once again I am left staring at my bag like a deer caught in the headlights, throwing in random articles of clothes and stuff, and then escaping to another room.
See you from the other side of the world! (well, I guess it doesn't matter in cyberspace), and I will tell you what life's like, a day a head of ya'll! :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Passport found (well, 2 of them)

Now, I got a new passport. Fabulous service I used: www.rushpassport.com, which helped me with all my special needs (As I am not a natural born citizen) and got me an even better passport (I like my photo on this one slightly better than the old one) in like 2 days.
And guess what; 2 hours after the initial joy of receiving it by Fedex, back from the NZ embassy, stamped and all, I get a knock on my door and there's the UPS man, with my OLD passport. (which of course is canceled, and I already put my self on an identity fraud alert). Nobody in UPS ever bothered to call me and inform me that it was found after all. Like nothing happened. A month later, there it was: my "over night" package.
Can you imagine how MAD I was?
To cut it short; We are going to the magical land of the lord of the rings, and I am back again to my favorite role of all. (and I won't have to sing lower thirds to some soprano the entire evening....jk jk).

Friday, August 17, 2007

Passport lost

Prior to my next job trip, which is taking me to New Zealand, I was required to have my passport stamped for a work visa by the New Zealand Embassy in Washington DC.

I filled out an enormous amount of paperwork, and attached a self addressed pre-paid UPS envelope (as instructed) so it can return safely and quickly to me, just in time for my travels.

UPS lost it. The embassy had a record of handing it to the UPS guy, but for some reason UPS never scanned the tracking number and the package has gone missing.

This left me in a state of hysteria; In my position, I can not afford to lose a job, and I most definitely don't even want to think this would actually happen because of some idiot at UPS.

They promised to do a search , but did nothing, Even after I gave them the New Zealand Embassy's address and the date of when it was supposedly picked up. Nobody on the "search team" has even bothered to locate the UPS truck which picks packages from that area.

At the end,*I* had to trace down the dude who's in charge of that location, and although he was keen on helping, he couldn't find my package anywhere.

This left me not breathing and not sleeping; Now, after the 8 days of the official UPS search are over, I am supposed to get a new passport, and still manage to get the work visa from DC in time.

This whole thing is costing me lots more (to be exact: $542 so far and that's not the end of it) than what UPS wants to reimburse me with ($18 for that envelope that was never found).

Friday, August 03, 2007

Tip of the month

A great summer makeup tip from my fabulous friend Julio Sandino at NARS Cosmetics :
on the palm of your hand, mix a bit of your SPF face cream, and a tad of your slightly darker foundation. (Apply to your face). This combo together will block the sun, and will give you a glowing, smooth coverage for the day!
Love it!