Thursday, October 06, 2005


Iv' e been thinking about starting my own blog for a while now; First of all, I started to read through some other people's blogs, just because I have some alone time, well , a lot of it, and because while I am by myself, I have random thoughts I feel like sharing, but by the time I get to a phone, I actually forget the faint ideas I had in mind before.
The bottom line is: I get bored easily, and I can't have people around me ALL the time.
So here is one way to be away from home, and be at peace with it.
Here are my thoughts for the week:

On the morning of my birthday, I woke up thankful.
I can't describe exactly how fantastic I felt, but I get teary when I think about my good fortune. This includes an amazing family and circle of friends, and a most fabulous, special, beloved and loving husband. It also includes a very interesting path Iv' e never imagined I would get as a fortune; being an opera (!) singer.

On my way to the theater for a piano dress rehearsal I looked down at the road I was walking on.
I am in Tokyo, and the last thing I expected to see was this: a piece of paper with only the word "JOYFUL" on it.
when you come to Japan, you will see why I get so surprised to read this nice English word , just like that, on the morning of my birthday.
This is to remind me to be joyful, as I usually am.
I love life. THANK YOU!


Blogger Simon said...

I wonder how many other people would even notice that the word was JOYFUL. You have your wild moments but there is a lot of sensitivity to detail going on too. Nice to see that you have this device to keep us all in touch with your world, O Reenooshka! x

6:13 AM  

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