Monday, September 21, 2009

Prima la prima

I have been pretty content here; Rehearsals have been lovely. Even though this is a returning production (and not a new one, as I thought before), the girl who is remounting it is a talented director with whom I have worked in the past (on Pelleas et Melisande in Berlin), so it was nice to meet again. And since this is (German, couldn't be else)- modern production, I find that in fact those "modern" ones actually tend to fit me much better.

Set in an intimate space (currently, it is a living room- a rug, a sofa, a grand piano. pretty classy), I feel that I can actually do much more straight theater and be *seen* and ahm- noticed (as oppose to being swallowed by an ocean of grand sets and choruses and extras and animals, with tons of props and different surfaces and flamenco skirts and what not).

Where all I have is a sofa and a Don Jose, the energy naturally flies between us with no artificial obstacles, and bounces off to the audience, no other distraction... which I love, especially when there's a good rapport between us.

Opening night is about to happen here. Unfortunately I will not get to be on stage for it , because it will be sung by a wonderful artist I respect and admire, (however-) not quite the one who has been rehearsing with my cast for 3 weeks. (me). But it's OK.
I am still genuinely very excited to get another shot at anther angle of the heroine in me, even if I'm not the prima donna.


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