Thursday, October 13, 2005

Opening night

So in a few hours I will go to the theatre. I'll get some food at the supermarket,(probably some SUSHI role and some grapes...) bring it to my dressing room , with my heavy bag containing; Toi toi toi cards and gifts,water,make up, high heels (for the reception), and all the rest of my usual bag content.
I will then arrange everything in the room, eat my lunch/dinner, warm up lightly (I say lightly because I don't want to over sing before I even start this marathon opera ;In this production, I am ON stage the ENTIRE time. No pee pee break other than in intermission!) so I will humm my low C and hoot my high C and caress what's in the middle for 20 minutes.

Then I'll sing, they'll probably clap, I'll come back and post some more.


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