Friday, June 09, 2006

Benvenuti, Bienvenue,Bruchim Habaim, welcome!

or look here for your prefered language... :) Welcome to my new friends and to re-new friends, (whose blogs I presonally love!) and also to everybody else who stumbled upon my own lame cyber-diary ( It was mainly created for my family and long distance friends ,so I can skip having to write too many personal Emails...) :) but judging by the world traffic I am starting to get, I guess I won't be bitching about other Mezzo's getting pregnant by famous conductors or how this opera world is like a big V.I.P prom and what one needs to do to get invited... lol, only kidding... Now I will HAVE to get all naughty ;D !


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Well well well, we could start a fair trade project here: if you tell us about "other Mezzo's getting pregnant by famous conductors" (now the Brangelina day is over we need fresh gossip items...) I can tell you about a stage director doing an impressive impersonation of a famous conductor getting angry when the orchestra doesn't follow his instructions, or about an uberfamous Tenor who constantly gets blogstalked, or about a certain friend of mine who presented himself as a top journo, sneaked backstage and interviewed another famous conductornot much else at the moment, I'm afraid, I'm so scared to get my friends in trouble when I go backstage I tend to shut up and not even listen to all the gossiping going on...shame!)...

1:29 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

oooh..since it is my *colleagues* we are talking about... I'd better stick to my chocolate cake; stuff my face and lick my fingers so I can't talk or type... ;)

3:43 PM  
Anonymous vilaine fille said...

There is also a semi-famous tenor (Don Peppino di Calabria) who gets blogstalked: It's rather scary how many dozens of "Filianoti" hits I seem to get every day. (Some days I don't look, because it's too weird.)

Spaghettata a Roma a dicembre ? Che ne dite ? (Ohibò, se mi rimane qualche congé...) Plus, I *love* chocolate cake. xxo, v.f.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

Marion: Peppino isn't "semi-famous", Peppino is a blogstalkers demigod (according to counter hits we bot get because of him, that is.). Anybody needing to increase their site's traffic should absentmindedly type "Giuseppe Filianoti" here and there every now and then, and *ta-da!* sitemeter s'impenna!!!

6:28 AM  
Anonymous bobregular said...

er... Giò, in fact I was not sneaking (just kidding about myself in that comments page) but took part of the concert organization (been promoted on the field Artistic Vice-Director) and grabbed the promise to interview the Maestro in the Solisti fiorentini official site, which I master.
Hate to remark this but... che figure me fate fa' all'estero!!! :-( ;-)

bob the certain friend of yours :)

5:37 PM  
Anonymous bobregular said...

PS [OT for Sing'rin]- I've just been watching Taking Sides: great jazzin' in a great movie!! ciao

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

Bob - seh, dicono tutti così...
("saaaalve Maestro, sono qui per intervistarla...per quale rivista scrivo? oh, ehm...Cavalli & segugi, ça va sans dire!")

7:12 AM  

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