Wednesday, May 10, 2006

once again, packing up...

It's almost the end of my Miami summer. 4 more days and that's it.
I am yanking my last moments on the beach. Sitting there on the white sand by myself, tranqil and quiet,looking at my friend the pelican flying like an eagle on weed , and then going into the water, floating away on the gentle waves.
I am looking forward to getting back home though, I haven't been there for months.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rini,
I saw you four times - the last 2 Saturdays in April and the first 2 Saturdays of May. Unfortunately, we never really met, but I'm the videographer you saw at both the Miami and Fort Lauderdale After Opera Parties.

Your Carmen was fantastic and I can't wait for your Dorabella down here in Miami. I still remember your Cherubino. You were a hoot and a half.


3:53 AM  

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