Thursday, May 04, 2006

Never boring!

The few days in between shows were not boring. I joined the gym, because all my London weight loss is now Miami weight gain; (yes, dinners out and white wine and there goes all the work!); So the guy in "membership" hooked me up (we Israelis and Cubans know exactly how to "cut deals";) $25 cash under his desk and I am "in" for the rest of my stay. (and I'll sign poster for him)...
I also made a point of going to my favorite beach every day (I go by myself since everybody else is tired of the sun, but that won't stop me!!!) and so I drive there after the gym and jump into the light blue water; That IS what I call heaven!
For my afternoon and evening activities,I get to do a new thing every day.
Went to my first baseball game ( Miami Marlins VS the Phillies) because my Escmillo got to sing the national anthem (!) in exchange for a free commercial for our CARMEN show up on the stadium screen. I am ashamed to admit that his singing was the most exciting part of it all for me (and oh yea, standing on the field seemed to be a special thing to get to do,lucky me!). But it was pretty nice to experience something I have never done before.
The next day, we were taken by a very 'hooked' Miami friend of ours to a CD release party of the famous Latino pop star Estefano. Strangely enough,for some weird reason I already have been to something similar in NYC a few years back (don't ask me HOW I got to go) but I have been to Enrique Iglesias' party too...(wow! 2 Latin pop star Parties in one life time! isn't that a bit strange for an Israeli opera singer???) But anyways it was lots of fun; open bar, cool atmosphere, and me meeting all sorts of people from the Latino- pop entertainment world... tonight: B.B.Q at someone's pool. :)


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