Sunday, April 02, 2006

Letzten tag

Getting ready to leave again. Last show tonight and my suitcase is already, almost packed.
I am actually so ready , SO ready to go. Ready to stop eating out all the time, ready to have my American cell phone again, ready to chit chat on my friends' time zone, ready to see Peter at last, and , ready, oh so ready to sing my favorite role again!
I sang it the day before yesterday for Maestro Barenboim. I was supposed to be the original Carmen here a couple of years ago, however, I had to let it go for a previous engagement .But now I thought was a good time to refresh his mind with what has become since then a very comfortable sing for me... ( and after doing dozens of shows since he last heard me in it).
It went extremely well, my voice is warm and flexible from singing every day of the week (some in the show it self, some just because I keep practicing).
But I am really ready to be done here. Tuesday early AM and it's Aufwiedersehen Berlin, Hola Miami!


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