Monday, March 27, 2006

The morning after

The show went very well. I mean: I was really surprised... AfterI've been feeling so shitty and down for the past whatever I actually decided to take the opportunity to have some fun while I can, which is, as it happens; ON STAGE.
The voice was there, and because it's a funky, colorful production filled with over- acting silliness (which I generally hate) once in a blue moon it is actually a relief to be silly and stupid and not worry about it. (and while I am at selling away my artistic integrity already, hell why not?!)
My manager (whom I love to pieces!) was there since he manages 3 of us, and we all went to eat and drink loudly afterwards at La Rustica (which is basically the only place around still open at 11:30pm).
Today I will show my face in DB's Wagner rehearsal and see how it goes. note: Auditioning is not necessarily only SINGING always, and since I sang alright, I am going to work on some other aspects of the career (it's called P.R, and I have decided that hiring a pro for that matter will have to happen sooner or later anyway).


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