Saturday, March 25, 2006

Berlin, Saturday.

I had this strange 24 hour flu it seems.. after coffee with my friends Robby and Merten,I got such crazy chills down my spine, I had to return to the hotel and then started the fever, I know I must have had pretty high fever because I was freezing, FREEEEZING, and sweating like hell.
I did what I do best: get over it as quickly as possible. Covered up with 3 blankets and 2 sweaters and went to sleep and got it out of my system.
I showed up for the dress rehearsal (some of the opera ,we were doing for the first time.. now with orchestra and costumes and all). I am fine today. Barenboim canceled on us cuz he's got too much on his plate and his health almost can't take it (and with all these famous conductors dropping out he should really watch it...), so there you go. I won't say much more about this because I am still very bitter, so I'll keep it to my self.
Anyways, it is Saturday today and Brunch was as wonderful as it always is at Belluno's in Kollwitzplatz. (I love having my regular places and my regular friends whenever I come back!) and after we pigged out there (it's 'eat as much as you like' on Saturday and sunday) we actually went on to Potsdamer platz and got a gelato there an hour later!!!


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