Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Full moon

Last night was a disaster. It might have been the full moon; that's what everybody suspected, but from the start, things just weren't right. It was first draft out of two of our (very important) broadcast TV/DVD shoot.
Our Susanna was complaining of a light sickness, but she seemed fine at first, until her second scene, when Figaro enters with the chorus. At that point, she was wondering on and off stage trying to vomit, and coming back again sweating, trying to sing her lines. Our Figaro was whispering to the count " She is really sick" and everybody on stage couldn't hide our extremely worried faces.
She carried on but left stage for anything she wasn't singing in (like Figaro's aria, where she is usually on stage with us). Bless his heart, our superb Figaro got mixed up with his lines in his famous aria, the entire staging was changed, then as the next set is wheeled on, it suddenly broke making a big noisy crush.
For my next entrance, I completely forgot some of my blocking and I could hardly sing well.
The whole thing was just AWFUL!
Eventually we made it; The Susanna finished the show successfully, but I really never had anything as such...


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