Thursday, December 22, 2005

London time

After I made a decision to go ahead and spend the money and live across from the opera house,(which seems to be the recommended thing to be doing here) the "flat" I found was so awful (it is at "pre-furbished" condition);Well, I couldn't breathe for 3 nights; It was filthy, damp, and God it was depressing.
So I had to make an even more hard-core financialy painful decision and move to a nicer apartment, just around the corner,an idea which practically solved my allergies and asthma all together. So now I can actually sing again!
re-encountering Cherubino once more; the 14 year old boy I am playing in this opera, is a sweet and sour reunion. After all, I am older now, and I have been playing lately all feminine, very feminine heroines...
So it can feel a bit challenging during rehearsal to get myself back into this character (which I used to love so much).
But working with such a superb director/conductor team, and a truly fantastic cast, I can only hope to get all the fine-tuning I need before I land on the main stage, for opening night. (hold my hand will ya!)


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