Monday, November 21, 2005

When Carmen met Giovanni

What was it at that striking moment when Giovanni was talking to some boring acquaintances , and all of a sudden from the corner of his eye, he could see, not clearly, but well enough, the other center of the party; this fully executed womanhood.
It wasn't only the curvy definition of her full breasts accentuating her feminine figure, it wasn't only her long, thick hair framing a most distinguished, beautiful face, it was something else about that woman; you could tell by the way everybody gravitated towards her like moths to fire. The way she moved, her gestures,almost like she was dancing a mysterious and sensual belly dance,tempting anything trapped within her surroundings .
her voice, low and velvety , her sure smile, her dark, strong eyes. it must have been the telling eyes.
Under Giovanni's spell, all were lost in this unexplainable, magnetic power; Old and young, men and women, were at his mercy. Giovanni was so beautiful and so charismatic, that you would just want to become invisible and watch him like you would watch a lion, hypnotized by it's cat -like smoothness mixed with the danger of his strength. But Being so lonely in his own kingdom, he could almost smell immediately the scent of another royal ruler. They were born of the same blood.

By now Giovanni felt like he was burning inside his head, all the thirsty eyes of his listeners disappeared and all the voices in the room became a monotone, blurry white noise to him.
He executed all the unnecessary talk at once, moved to another spot, and studied this magnificent woman very carefully.
Carmen noticed Giovanni, how could she not. From the moment she saw him ,centered in the midst of the crowd,she caught herself more and more intrigued by the tall dark man, who possessed a most handsome face. A face which told thousand stories, and the lips which kissed thousand others.
Carmen could feel it was not going to be a boring night;
After all, she was there for pleasure and what more could she ask for, but a beautiful , strong man. But this one, she sensed, was special. It wasn't the normal womanizer, the regular good looking hunk, or any other need- catering man she is used to play with and spit out. This one was different.
Their eyes met first, and from that moment,each was a slave to the urge, burning, to escape into each other's gaze, like looking onto disaster without the ability to run away.
There they were, in two different corners of one room, about to find out what exactly was to be their next, most interesting conquer.
* Who made the first move? :) to be continued...


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