Monday, November 07, 2005

Say what?!

Tonight the concert was being recorded for the Austrian radio.
Here is my second line as it should be sung:
"Je voudrais m'en aller avec la goelette qui se berce ce soir dans le port mysterieuse et solitaire"

("I would like to depart on the schooner that is rocking this evening in the harbor, mysterious and solitary")

Here is what came out of my mouth;

"Je vodrais goeleetaceclabercesoiiiiiiir qui ce porte la qua , mysterieuse"
("I would like to bcswl;leeeeekbcxx which this (kind of wine) the , here(in Italian) , mysterious")
Otherwise, it went pretty well :) , thanks for laughing...


Anonymous Amnon said...

Thanks for giving us reason to laugh!!
(May be we can find correct translation for this sentence in Babylon....)

2:59 AM  

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