Sunday, October 23, 2005

Last minute

So the last show was on some levels a bit disastrous; Lots of un-concentrated moments by the entire cast. Me personally; I had taken an allergy pill the same morning and had a pair of very dry cords to work with for the entire show. But the audience seemed to appreciate the show no matter what, and inspite of the fact that all of our heads were already packed with the rest of our Tokyo memories well inside our ready to roll suitcases.
I was wondering whether the bit of shopping I did was going to fit into my already tightly packed luggage and I was thinking about the sweet chilled plum wine soothing my throat after the show, (my favorite: the liquer-soaked plum from the bottom of the botttle!) and I was hoping to still get to do something fun before I leave for good.
So after a humble but very nice closing get together, where we ate a lovely cake and drank some champagne with the big boss, we headed back to the hotel, then met for a quick dinner ( by the western/wonderbread-ish choice of THEIRS, we ended up eating at "Sizzlers". Nevertheless I could still find some of my favorite Japanese dishes at the salad bar, and everyone was happy).
After that, we decided to go to the "Golden Gai" area, which is bordering the 'red light district'. lots of tiny tiny little bars,marked in my 'Time out' Tokyo guide as mostly not allowing foreigners (!), usually sitting about 6 persons maximum , and serving each drink for about 5 bucks. We ended up in a small bar which obviously was 'foreigner-friendly' as we weren't the only westerns there. It was also a KAREOKE bar!
So here I had my first Karaoke experience. And let me tell you: I had such a blast!
For a hundred yen (which my dear "Conte Almaviva" treated with curious pleasure) I got to choose a song, get a mic, and go for it. My song of choice was "Careless whisper" of the late "Wham"...
After a couple of "tequila sunrises" (and a few songs later), we left back to the hotel, said goodbyes, and parted our ways.


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