Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy 1st one, Rosina!

"dribblebaby" by Peter Bucknell

Opera roles are like babies. Every time you sing them again, they are a bit older; more familiar, more playful, eventually they become a real human being. After a few times they are almost fully grown, but never entirely , as we keep growing ourselves. They are conceived as a wish, an idea.you might be not sure about them at first, but your manager and your teacher, or whoever might be your musical family, are putting pressure on you, and if you get the concrete offer from a opera house, you decide it's time.
Who they are at the very beginning, depends on who was there to prepare them with us,(like coaches, voice teachers, recordings,books and libretti) and who we were at that time.
How they grow, depends entirely on their environment; who is around (the cast, the director and the conductor,our costume and the set) and again; who we are at the time.
whoever our opera roles might become is the fantastic fusion of all their previous existences ; a mix of all past productions opinions solutions, and again; Who we have become so far.


Anonymous Amnon said...

Interesting insight - never thought about this way (because I never had the opportunity being in a role but in the choir, which has other sides...)
Nice thinkig!!

8:49 AM  

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