Friday, October 14, 2005

Openig night; wrap up

So I finally made my long awaited (not by me) debut as Rosina.
I must say that I was quite surprised to find out that the role is pretty easy for me. My low notes and my high notes stayed all there through out the entire time, and I even felt like I can play with a lot of it with no worry. and OK; I HAD FUN.
In the Figaro/Rosina duet I take a little fermata on the high B which I start pianissimo, and then open up to a fortissimo. I am quite surprised by that too, as I feel so secure with doing a trick like that; This is a new (and fabulous) feeling for me.
As I arrived into my dressing room, I found a letter written by the general director of the company. It said:
"Dear Ms. Shaham
I was always hoping to find a singer who could fascinate us with her sparkling voice and firework of temperament.. you fulfill that dream (which is) what a director and a theatre can dream of....Your Rosina and the colors with which you portrait her, deeply fascinate me"... (Etc.)
Now, I KNOW that this is the kind of letter is somewhat the usual kind words that one gets or SHOULD get from a GD for opening night, (and the real proof for their validity
, is by getting a return contract..) However, this night, I chose to believe it. I chose to believe that my Rosina will be special, and I WILL go on and make him, the cast, the staff, and especially my managers (who encouraged me to sing this role) PROUD.


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