Saturday, October 15, 2005

sushiman domine deus

I just had a culinary experience I can only describe as : 'once in a life time'.
My only regret is that I couldn't share it with my loved ones, and I can only attempt to try and put it into lame words...
We were invited to a little restaurant in the Shibuya district, owned by the parents of one of the stage hands.
You go downstairs to a tiny little space which looks like a private kitchen, wooden bench surrounding a small area where the chef cooks. (like the home version of a sushi bar).
We were 3 techies, the set designer and her son, my Figaro and moi.
The father, a very friendly Japanese man in his fifties, was standing in his little cubic zone and started carefully cutting the fish, while the mother, was serving us with the kind of Sake, cold sake, that Iv' e never tasted before, as it was as smooth as water !You couldn't even taste the alcohol. Just some fainted sweetness and fantastic aroma.
What came next, was a bit of Edamame beans, the freshest Iv' e ever had, and some tofu in peanut sauce. Just enough to get our palate interested in what's next to surprise us.
The sushi which was carefully cut and prepared in front of us, was many several kinds of the freshest, rare and most expensive fish. I can't even know what they'd be... But each piece was served to each one of us, one by one, with freshly ground wasabe (I never knew that wasabe was some kind of a root you grind.. I thought you find it in a tube on the supermarket shelf!) and HOME pickled ginger, which tastes much finer and so much more delicate than the bulk ginger I am used to from any other sushi place.
The different fish was just melting in my mouth like warm butter would. I just couldn't BELIEVE it!!! All diffrerent rare kinds of clams, shrimp, tuna, trout, octopus, and what not... some fantastic eel (? ) lightly fried;(the sweetest and best unagi ), some puffed sweet egg,WOW, and some different roles with sour plum and cucumber and fish,and some other combinations. it was heaven.
After about 45 minutes of eating, I was stuffed, but had to try everything! When else am I going to have THAT kind of meal again?...
After we all decisively knew that there's no more space in our stomach for anything else, the father/chef turned out to be quite an entertainer as well, and as he opened a wooden box from over the shelf, he started showing off with his magic tricks, and later was teaching the faster ones among us, (not me, and definitely not me after sake...) how to do magic ourselves.
The meal cost us each 10,000 yen which is around $100 I normally wouldn't spare for a dinner, but I don't think there could be any better food in the world which would be so rightly deserved.
I think I am happy as a clam! (or at least much, much happier than the fresh one in my tummy). :)


Blogger Simon said...

I just had a great meal too here in Spain, but not as varied as yours, my dahlin'. Sounds wonderful . You'll be moving there next. Maybe? S x

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