Friday, October 21, 2005

Un bell di, that's it.

So this is it; One more show and it will all be like a dream. What's left after that? no recollection of any of it. No review, no recording, no proof. This creation was born, lived and died in a month and a half. Only the anonymous polite Japanese who stood in line for our autographs, night after night. Took dozens of pictures with us and made us sign their programs one by one, they alone will be our only witnesses ; We were here, no, really.
Most of my souvenirs are perishable. I mainly got some special ricecakes and a bit of plum wine. I feel like there's no use to try to carry the immense and breathtaking beauty from here over seas. What's here must remain here, like the good luck cat waving with one paw. I heard a long time ago that one should never attempt to get it out of Japan, where it brings the good luck and where it belongs. So here we go; one last show and: hop into the plane and into the taxi at JFK and.. not sure.. was I gone? for how long?


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