Friday, November 04, 2005


This piece is very close to my heart.

I first sang it with my very dear friend and the world's greatest Simon Rattle, and for a little while, I felt like I would never want to sing it again, because I loved it too much, and because of the unfathomable , almost painful joy I felt while making that music alive and breathing, together with this master magician.

I am singing it tomorrow,with someone else, and although the hall is a magnificent one, and the music is technically the same piece I sang before ,I feel a bit apathetic at the moment, and I hope it goes away soon.
My mother's mother , swore to never love another man again after my grandfather died, and I think such were my feelings about singing this ever after.
But I keep telling my self that in this world you can't be faithful to a passing moment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cara, you will be fantastic tonight! toi toi toi, don't think of the conductor, just think of how luscious the music is and how wonderful it is to sing at the Musik Verein! You will knowck them dead! IN BOCCA AL LUPO! Spery

4:05 AM  

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