Wednesday, October 26, 2005

At last

I finally got to sleep during the entire night. Iv' e been walking around the streets of New York like a little zombie,not really noticing anything, as I would fall asleep at midnight, wake up 3 hours later, and carry on through out the day, falling asleep whenever I hit a flat surface under my heavy head.
So last night I actually managed to remain in one spot on the bed, OUR bed, the bed in which Iv' e been longing to lay,for so long.
My love's breathing slowly it his sleep, and I am happy.
Happy to be back with him, happy do drink my nasty "Taster's choice" instant coffee in the morning, happy to cook us our usual 3 eggs (1 for me, two for him), happy to take the subway, be around noise, hassle,loud voices,cynical New Yorkers, nothing cute and quiet in this part of the world.


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