Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hello Vienna

Flight was everything I know already; My body is tired, tired tired, my eyes force to shut, but I just can't seem to find a comfortable position to actually allow me to fall asleep. I'm on my side,then I lean backwards with my legs stretched as far as they can go under the seat in front of me,then I lean against the window, then I lay my poor head against the food tray in front of me, then I turn on my entire right side, nothing works. I am just devastatingly tired, and hopeless.
Vienna on the other hand welcomed me with a fresh and loving smile. Suitcase rolled right out to me on the moving belt, taxi took me within 10 smooth minutes to the Staadsoper where I picked up a key I was worried about not finding there, and in the lovely apartment of my friend Josef's who is not here, was waiting a smiley new friend, who is staying in the apartment as well.
Dinner was a fun event, meeting up with an old friend of mine, Speranza, a sunshine of a gal, who is now playing in Vienna as a coach at the opera.
I love seeing good old friends wherever I go in the world, What a privilege it is! All of a sudden that very same world is not as big and lonely as it seemed to me a few years back.


Anonymous Amnon said...

Good to hear you and to read about finding the world so "small". (With some old aquaintance}
Wish to be there with you!!

3:40 PM  

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