Friday, October 28, 2005

On my plate

I am flying to Vienna on Monday. only 9 days; short and sweet. these kind of jobs are well sought after by opera singers my kind; you go, you do your business, you get paid, you come back.not the months and months of being gone and having to start a whole new life in a foreign territory. just enough to feel artistic, express yourself, get popular,get cash, and return to your life at home.
the time right after that is going to be full and exciting in different ways; we are closing a deal on our first home (!), we are renovating it a little, we are packing all (oy!) our stuff ,and finally; we are moving .
(In the middle of al of this, I still have a couple of local concerts,(yes, I DO need to prepare for them...) and I have to,Iv' e GOTTA get rid of a few left over Japanese-cuisine pounds, this one's for real; gotta get skinny for my Covent garden that means daily gym visits, until I leave again).


Anonymous Amnon said...

Keep on writing!! That's a good way to know about your doing without bothering you too much...

6:11 PM  

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