Thursday, November 03, 2005

I heart Skype

Take a note; all you people out there traveling like I do:
Download skype!

Yesterday I was on the 'phone', meaning; calling from my computer (being in Europe) to my bank in Philadelphia and my mortgage bank in New York. I was basically with them for like 4 hours. (Had some urgent business to sort out and of course dealing with bureaucracy usually takes at least 4 hours...)
What did it cost me? nulla. nothing. 800 numbers are free to call on Skype , as is calling to other "Skypers". no matter where you are in the world, baby.
I also talked for a good chunk of my evening with Peter (free; computer to computer) my dad (free), my brother (free) and a couple of friends (free).
My grandmother should rethink her 'nothing in life is free' old saying.


Blogger Sampson said...

I read this:

Vbuzzer is challenging the proprietary protocol many VoIP companies are using which has left users vulnerable to security holes, virus attack, memory leaks, abnormal port activities and paying for inferior quality.

Full story on vbuzzer site

3:42 PM  

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