Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sheherazade's crying

"Sheherazade rolled out of her hibernating corner of my soul and merged out, stretching her magical phrases and mysterious chords .
I was amazed to have felt, again, how beautiful this music is, and with how much pleasure I now can stand on any stage really, let it be sung,and just enjoy it all."
Luckily, not only am I not apathetic, but I actually get tears in my eyes every time I start singing this little song cycle, I know I am not supposed to cry while singing, but I can feel the first tear forming at the corner of my eye, then it wets my black eyeliner, which starts getting into the apple of my eye, which then causes more tears to roll down my cheek.Then my mascara starts running as well, and at the end of my beautiful, fragile songs, I look like a goth chick! (only missing some piercings and an electric guitar in my hand...).


Blogger Gaja H. said...

You're simply great !

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Amnon said...

A good laugh on your account! Take waterproof makeup!!
Wo is the autor of the first paragraph??

7:00 AM  
Blogger Petie said...

you funny!

8:16 AM  

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