Friday, November 11, 2005

Auf Wiedersehen, and was'up!

I finally got back home.
We had a nice goodbye dinner at the authentic Austrian bar/restaurant " Wuerstelstand am Albertinaplatz" where you can get a plate-size schnitzel and cheap Austrian beer, and there's an obnoxious accordion player buzzing around the place like an annoying fly with his little melodies and the more you get drunk on the cheap Austrian beer the more you want to crash his accordion into thousand tiny little pieces and enjoy the silence that would follow. But it was fun nevertheless, spending my last Viennese minutes with 3 good friends; One dear old friend I know from New York who's living in Vienna , one whom I know from Berlin and happened to be in Vienna (AND friends with the one from New York!) and one who's a new friend! After that I got back to the apartment, and in no time, I was finally in New York again.
Home sweet home waited for me with my own, most special reward: my very much missed husband! :)
What followed the next day was the lame attempt (!) to close on the new apartment; The seller's lawyer 'forgot' some paper from their mortgage bank, and now we are all on hold, instead of starting renovating and moving IN already before we are off to London.
Life is complicated and unpredictable, and I am in a pissy mood.
Lucky for the accordion player I'm here and not there anymore!


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