Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lights and stuff

We both know that this is a fragile time; We are living in boxes, half here half there, huge mess, too many things to do and to organize. Peter woke up this morning and started talking about what kind of a ceiling light we need to put up in the hallway.
He wants a lot of light, and I didn't think one needs a lot of it where it's only a pass way and not a functioning room.
Right now there is a big tacky chandelier hung there, with like 12 bulbs.
Now, if we were crafty,( like Martha Stewart for example), we could take that same chandelier, paint in with some funky color, replace some stuff on it, paint the walls around it with some other funky color, and there you go: a funky, ultra sheeeeeeeeky place... But unfortunately we seem to be able to RECOGNIZE beautiful interior designs, but we find it much more difficult to envision and CREATE them...


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