Thursday, November 24, 2005

So we finally got a (third time a charm?) closing date, for Monday. We have been so ready to start the works, we can hardly contain our excitement comes the real closing, finally.
We are in need of so many things: the previous owners had a pretty simple (to be polite) taste and so all 6 light fixtures need to be replaced (old ceiling fan etc) with some descent lights, and all the walls (vomit orange and sailor blue) need to be repainted and the sinks and vanities in the bathrooms (salmon "marble") replaced, and the wooden floors (50 years of abuse) need to be sanded and polished.
But mostly, since both of us have been living (together and separately) very, very humbly, neither of us has ever owned a good quality, good looking piece of furniture.
All our stuff is things we found deserted on the street; Shelves, dressers, book cases, or furniture we have been given, all in a shocking state of pre-death agony.
Here is what we would like to end up seeing at our new place (none of which we actually have):
1 (Faux suede?) couch and love seat
1 coffee table
1 big dresser
6 ceiling lights
2 lamps
2 bed side tables and 2 little lamps
One bathroom sink and vanity
2 bathroom mirrors/cabinets
door handles
1 fold out sofa bed
1 Desk
2 Bathroom lights.
I think there is more stuff , but I forget...


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