Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ready, Gooooooo!

Lucky thing I like roller coasters. If I didn't I probably wouldn't be able to maintain this life style for more than a week.
Opening night was like the main event in the Olympics. I really did my best to score 10 out of ten but I think I missed my chance by a few points, purely by being so nervous and so overwhelmed by the whole thing. (they reduce your points if you are sharp on one note, or if you take one breath where Bartoli usually doesn't)
But I acted well , and I sang the best I could possibly deliver and I think I can summarize my score with a 7.5 or even 8.5 , judging by the press and the public and the big sharks.
I might have been able to get a better place if the cast was a usual one, but this time the level was so high that you really are put where you belong by the size of your role, basically.
Hell, deep inside I was a nervous wreck, even though I don't think anybody really noticed. I love being on stage. I get very happy the closer I get to it, I feel fantastic while I am on it, and I become hyper right afterwards.
I lost something like 10 or 12 pounds (like I promised; Can't be a chubby cherub!) and for the fancy party afterwards I surprised in a little black number making an extra special feminine entrance.
I love opening nights and parties and all that. Lots of singers can't stand the whole thing, but I personally just enjoy the whole frosting on the cake...
Now comes the more difficult part: maintain the level for the rest of the run. Because with such a super international exposure , one needs to never,ever, EVER disappoint.
So it is 5:13 PM and the show start at seven, and I am starting to get ready for yet another ride.


Anonymous Amnon said...

Have the rest of your performances not less good , as we enjoyed it!

Much success and luck!!!

12:37 PM  

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