Sunday, January 01, 2006


Last night we waved 2005 goodbye from my director's beautiful house in Islington.
I thought I was in for a pretty wild party but at the end it was a calm, civilized evening amongst friends. it contained a number of pretty interesting characters and lots of good food and wine. We hit the pillow back home at around 5 in the morning and at 5 in the afternoon, my fantastic time with Peter was temporarily over as he is flying back to the States for a few gigs of his own.
We left most of his stuff here;(that's an old trick of ours to soothe the pain of distance);his suit, shoes, toothbrush, socks and underwear, a few sweaters and some laundry to be washed.
We do that so we at least can live within each other's real physical memory until we return.
But even with all that done, I still can only feel devastated by his departure.
I miss him already.


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