Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Season eatings

Funny how well adjusted we've become in no time at all. We spent an extremely homey holiday (making it home away from home,as usual), cooking a delicious tray of roasted vegetables and meats.
we opened up the futon in the living room, we brought the pillows and comforters over,and we basically stayed in the entire day watching nice kiddie movies on TV and eating (included in the feast was a disgustingly yummy chocolate pudding desert from a can you heat up in the microwave!; a childhood favorite of my husband...).
The past few days and a few more coming up are all one big vacation in the middle of rehearsals (since many in the cast are foreigners and flew back home) but I am lucky and Peter is here with me for that entire vacation, and so we've been celebrating until my 'have-to-prove-myself' anxiety almost disappeared , drowned by wine and holiday foods, and plenty good old London friends! (meals, pubs, walks around town, dinner parties, what not).
Happy holidays!


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