Sunday, January 08, 2006


The past week was spent on staging. I am so deeply impressed with my cast, with the musical detail and with the genius concept of the director, I can't actually SLEEP!
Some of us have done this role hundreds of times, (for me it's probably within the dozens of Nozze's I have preformed with something between 6 to 10 productions, I am not sure), yet we all feel that we are encountering this opera for the very first time.
It is not the silly comedy anymore,that is often done on stages all over the world; It is a REAL drama, with real people and real tragedy in it.
If you haven't heard any of the singers in my cast, I URGE you to try and do so when you get a chance. I have no words to describe the talent, (and oh, beauty!!!) of these gifted artists. Best thing though; come over!


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