Monday, February 27, 2006

Every time we say goodbye

The last day of the show was a bitter, dark day for me. Not a usual last performance day, I felt the heaviness of my heart, having to depart from some people who have become probably as close to my soul as I could ever wish for.
I was about to part from the world's best opera house, the world's best production and a group of people I can call best friends.
It was all ending, and I couldn't bear it.
I actually wasn't even sure if I could make it, sing it. too many tears threatened to drown my numb voice.
But at the end like the good trooper I am, I finished the show, I went to the dinner afterwards, but I had to leave before everybody else. no goodbyes. So all of a sudden I am back home, where I left two and a half months ago, after only a week in our new place.
Getting back home,entering our new apartment, which I don't even know yet,Peter was not in yet, but he made the place to be a real home! Photo frames on the shelves, little things all arranged and done in such a welcoming embrace.
I opened the door and burst into tears once more. I am so much better tody; I am HOME, he is home,a whole month to breathe. brethe again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home Dear Rini & Peter!
Enjoy your togethernes!!

2:25 PM  

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