Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Life can be interesting. As I was sinking into my usual "post work= depression" mode, something in the stars decided to lift me up, this time on a real plane, and get me back into singing, quickly,even if it means no real time to rest in between gigs; I am flying to Berlin this evening, to jump in as Dorabella in Cosi fan Tutte. I have done this very same production before, and although it's been over a year, I was pleasantly surprised to discover,looking at the score just now, that most of it is still fresh in my old head..
In Berlin the wonderful and crazy Barenboim is "waiting for me" at the pit, and along with him, a full cast of close friends I can't wait to see again and to sing with (and funnily enough, my Contessa from London, the fabulous Dorothea Roschmann, who wished to work with me again "sometimes soon" is getting me after only 2 weeks, little did she know...this time as a SISTER!)
I love Berlin, and even though I am missing some rest time, and recovery time, and time together for me and for Peter, (and yes, I am flying directly into "Carmen" right after this), I still feel that there's a better and bigger reason for this quick change of plans.
I will write more once I get my Internet straight over there, in east Berlin. (you never know, with this damn Europe ;) ...Auf Wiedersehen!


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