Saturday, March 11, 2006

What now

I am feeling a bit under the weather, as I knew I would; It is taking me a long time to unwind this time around.
Lucky our bathtub in the new place is one of these old pre-war deep tubs.. you can literally be covered in water over your head if you want to.
I so missed taking a bubble bath in London, since I didn't have a bath tub where I was.
So now is my time to relax and get back to my New York, and my other self.
My good friend Larry, the fabulous colorist from Devachan, gave me a nice layered hair cut, and I started changing the way I paint my face, (less eyeliner, less drama) after discussing my image with a super-star colleague of mine in London.
My secret wish is to one day look like Anna Netrebko WITHOUT the high maintenance that seems to be involved in it all.
Anyways, that's where I am at the moment. 2 weeks of non sense and the never ending effort to stop worrying for only a day.


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