Friday, March 17, 2006

Cosi cosi

I got to Berlin on a pretty comfy flight with Lufthansa which will fly me through Frankfurt directly to Miami after I am done here.
The thing was, that my carry on seemed too big for the bee-ach at the Frankfurt airport and she forced me to check it in. Of course, all my expensive essentials were in that carry on, and even though I was smart enough to get my laptop and charger out, I still had the rest in that bag and the bad feeling that she was going to show me who's in power and ship it on a different flight, which she did.
Things like that make me MAD and unhappy and so even my nice hotel I decided to spare for my self , and the fact that I love Berlin, didn't cheer me up much until I got the freaking carry on delivered to my room at 1 AM.
In the mean time, I again realize how lucky I was to have been at Covent Garden,for a new production, with all the time required for some serious, good artistic work. coming back to a norml repertoire house, in a returning production; we get only 4 or 5 days of VERY general rehearsal with extreme basics of blocking ("you go there now. then you go there...") and indeed, "there" you are; up on stage to do whatever it is you might be able to do, depending on your talent and experience. (That's really the normal sitution in most companies these days, unfortunately). So the only "growth" I'm getting right now is by eating those wonderful German Mohn-kranz cakes!
At any rate, I got me the high speed Internet I need so much and I tremendously enjoy my new ipod! (what a fantastic invention!) , and oh, I've got about 3000 really good friends here!
Back to the score for a bit, xox r.


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