Thursday, July 12, 2007


I started packing a week ago. well, a month ago. Meticulously I put all the stuff that I do not and probably will not use, folded, in nylon bags, in its covers; a purse, a vocal score, my 10 summer dresses I did not put on even once (as there was no summer over here). Make up, shoes. All carefully tucked away in my suitcases.
And, finally , we are arriving to those very last days of my show. I cleaned the apartment, I left nothing in the fridge, I will live on take out food and meals out , until I am back home, HOME home.
It is funny; My head is already somewhere else but I still remember how much I love it when I am in a middle of a run; I love being on stage. I love the excitement of the show. The day of. And for the next month, I will miss it , as much as I am, at the moment, missing what life while doing a run is NOT providing me with: My love, my routine, my true friends, my home.
It's either or , for the moment. But I am ready to switch.


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