Saturday, June 09, 2007

No headlines

singing in a returning production, taking part in an ensemble piece, I certainly am not making any headlines. I am disappointed.

It is pretty quiet here, and I am realizing it especially after a few visits with my dear friend at Covent Garden.

Now, THERE are some headlines. Opera world's sweetheart is not going to show up to her premier, and it is now going to be his show , and his alone, thank you very much!

Blogs are filling up with rumors and speculations, there are interviews everywhere, and a buzz is created in less than a minute. I love it how the world of opera is starting to become a brilliant reflection of Beverly Hills 90210. (and the players are no less pretty, either).

Returning to my little flat, away from the city, I am asking my self the same question I always ask: Is this really what I dream of?

AN is making 10 times my fee (looking at our current productions, lol). She is a couple sizes skinnier, got about a few men a head of me, 11 more apartments around the world,and she probably got a few hundred fans who have purchased a ticket (at $300 a piece) and maybe airfare+ hotel only to get here and see her replacement on opening night. Is she living her own dream?
*edited to add TOI TOI TOI to whomever is involved, and a speedy recovery to whomever is not.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

p.s.: "She is a couple sizes skinnier" - I don't f00kin' think so, Rini. You are way thinner than her!

7:49 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

nah, thankyou, but, :) then again: I would survive longer on an isolated island with absolutely no food :D

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Muzzy said...

Aren't you on an isolated island with absolutely much food?

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

> Aren't you on an isolated island with absolutely much food?

ROTFL!!! Fair point!!!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yet, YOU are a working singer (as am I). This is a fair point, as there are a lot of really gifted singers who are working as secretaries. Your audiences are no less there than hers, and they are paying to see the opera, and it's your job to make it. SO enjoy it.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Gert said...

Word from the Dress Rehearsal is that Marina Poplavskaya is fabulous - as of course is Erwin. The fabulousness of either - and BTW the whole of the rest of the cast - is no surprise.

Obviously I don't know about fame and stuff, but Trebs gets a lot of catty things written about her, which people who are less famous can avoid.

She fell off her bike in Salzburg and people were so busy pointing at her and taking her photo that no one offered to help.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We all know that Rini would stop to help because Rini is the best!!

11:39 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

True, Gert... I guess once you hit the operatic spot light, you can't avoid the whispering of women and opera queens anymore.... Which is exactly what put you up there in the first place. what a world. :)

4:36 AM  

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