Monday, April 30, 2007

Dorabella, week 3.

Finally , after 3 weeks, I am stabilized . Gym an hour a day, social circle, daily rehearsal routine. Three whole weeks and I can almost feel welcome back to my self again.
At 3 weeks, we already blocked and staged and ran the entire opera 3.5 times, we have had at least 5 dinner parties and B.B.Q's, 20 different cafe's and bars, and about 5- 10 different restaurant meals with the cast. That's what one does here. what ELSE. Luckily, we are one nice bunch of people. a few gay guys and us women who love them. All with a healthy sense of humor, and an appetite for life and its joy.
I am starting to find a new meaning to my Dorabella; Before I arrived here I decided that I must search and find the realism in her. I just can not stand (anymore) having to play her as overly comic and grotesque. (What's easy to do, too).
I think I am reintroducing ourselves and I'm excited to see what will become of the encounter. We still have three weeks till we open. (sheesh...). I will feel quite accomplished if I succeed to form her into a credible human being, and not the stupid overly dramatized cow most people think she must be.


Anonymous Michelle said...

I really think Dorabella is the more intelligent and cunning of the two. She immediately notices what the loss of her beau could mean for her and her life - she wants to take action. It is Fiordiligi who is holding on and waiting undecided.

Dorabella has courage. She would be the first to embark on a journey to a foreign land, to try something new ...

2:56 PM  

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