Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Our Chef's specials"

A word of warning: Your Chinese Take-out in-take, can effect your mood.
Being located in a downtown area which I can only describe as: "Nasty" (from what I can see), I was falling into the habit of ordering in from the only valid menu I could find around: "Peking Garden" !
Eating Moo Shoo 2x daily and some old broccoli flowers soaked in brown grease, brought me back again to my old state of mind of negativity and sourness. I tried to go on the treadmill to mix the MSG and the oil, but ended up punching the screen by mistake and breaking my pinky. (It's OK; I am still performing Dorabella, but with less pinky movement than usual...)
I am heading back home for a few of our Off days, to rehearse for my upcoming concerts. I think I am going to go with: Fresh, raw vegies for a while...


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