Friday, January 12, 2007

Go back.

Two jobs came in ( they tend to do that; Come in 2's, like I'm Noah's arc) and even though neither is a (new) role I am dying to do, I will still, *happily* do it.( After all, I did make a hand-written sign in my mind, I lift daily on the corner of fame street and art avenue, with a mixed look of pride and of shame, which reads: "will sing for a career").
Roles usually grow on me (except only a very few which actually shrunk on me) so I tend to learn'em, do them, and like'em eventually. Knowing that, I am more than willing to give it a good honest try.
My suitcase is almost packed with what would be the lowest -key packing I have ever done. Tomorrow I am going to visit my mamaland, my family and childhood friends. Usually you'll find lots of high heels, jackets, make up and pretty stuff when I go on a gig, but this time I just want to wear pajamas and stay home with my old folks. I think it's a vital thing to do as long as we are allowed by our lifeline to still do it;
Regress for a couple of weeks. Forget about your professional persona. No blush no mascara. Just a little me.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Oooooooh! Please say hello from me to Mom & Dad!!! :)

2:22 AM  

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