Saturday, January 06, 2007

Start again

Oh dear, it's been rough, and we had to sum it up. So after a short yet intense meeting with my managers the decision was to reinvent my self. (speaking of reinventing; I recently bumped into an old class mate from Curtis who has just changed her NAME for the sake, well, for a chance of a better singing career!)
Re-inventing; I am happy to do so because I think inventing is exactly what I have been missing in my life so far. We were talking about new repertoire, and in February I am planning on checking out a few new roles I'd eventually like to learn, and more importantly, learn to love. Apparently, it takes weird artists like myself or Antonacci literally decades to have opera houses and audiences believe us or, believe in us.
Now my choice is to either find the rep I could wear and still look like a dream come true, or just bag it all and start my own garageband. In early dark mornings I tend to not want to do anything at all, but shortly after being fed and loved, I usually find the courage again. And this is, my friends, what it's all about: Courage.
And damn, I sing about it all the time; whether I am Blanche or Carmen, Cherubino or Rosina;( Funny or not); I think THIS is the time I need to follow their lead and lift my chin up. Any suggestion for new roles? New names? Plastic surgeon?


Anonymous vilaine fille said...

I think you are perfectly wonderful just the way you are. Reinvent you? POUAH.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Giorgia said...

new rep? ok, if you like.

plastic surgery? NO FRICKIN' WAY! you really, really, really don't need that, sis'! :)

9:15 AM  

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