Saturday, December 16, 2006

From Rome to Homesweethome.

I have the habit of trying to sum up what I have just finished, but I was generally so tired over the past few weeks,(what are those damn new bags, not even "Gucci", under my eyes?!) that I just can't bother summing up anything anymore.
Only over the past couple of performances, I made friends with a few of the dancers from the show (all classically trained) and so I found my self at a private party with them, celebrating the end of the run.
Dancers, like actors, are a completely different breed of creatures from my usual opera- singer crowds and our entourage);
This evening, I found the ultimately perfect company for a last good bye from Rome.
There was a dish of rice (I guess there wasn't enough pasta to be found...) in tomato sauce they put together really quickly for that always -winning 2 in the morning hunger; there was dancing involved ( I danced a little too, but was more than happy to quench my eyes with their flexible creative improve), and among the smoke and the Italian; confetti of sung words and sounds, and the good nerverending wine, I felt sorry to have to leave, right at the very first conceiving of possible new friendships. But that's how it always is. And sometimes, you can even grab on to that little beginning and watch it grow over the years ( if both parts care to soil and water it, that is).
I almost had to witness the feared "Sciopero" Italians are known for: a sudden strike which shuts down the entire city, public transport, AND airlines. I was getting ready to have to be stranded in Rome (sounds great to you guys, but NOT to this tired, pissed off gal). Luckily the strike was postponed and after 9 and a half hours of sleepless awaiting, I finally landed at my JFK and was greeted with (what always will remain a sweet song to my ex-foreigner ears): "Welcome back home" from the immigration officer. (This one even managed a smile!)
I am home, at last. There in the corner, there's a big pine tree and a menora, waiting to justify their true reason: collect presents from us to us at their feet. Happy holidays!


Anonymous Giorgia said...

Glad you're happy to be home - only I didn't realise it was that distressing for you to be in Rome... Sorry.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Nah, wasn't bad at all, just need to catch up on sleeping now... :) .... Thanks for being a good friend to me! Was nice hanging out with ya! xoxo

7:59 PM  

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