Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Roman ring

A very sweet lady, looking like an older,( sweeter, if you can believe it) Juliette Binoche, crossed the street towards me, and happened to step upon a man's lost wedding ring. She bent over and surprised, full of excitement she quickly picked it up, looked at it, caught my eyes, and smiled at me victoriously. I smiled back, feeling happy for her on her fortunate find.
She looked at me and with big happy brown eyes, grabbed my arm lovingly and started to speak. She was overwhelmed. "How strange, how amazing to find a wedding ring just like that, on my 33rd marriage anniversary!"
But since she is a religious woman and it is forbidden to wear any jewelry, she explained, she hereby is offering me that ring, to keep and to hold. "for good luck, for good luck!".
I didn't know what to say. I don't really care for 18 karat men's wedding bands, and I don't believe it's a lucky thing at all, to keep someone else's symbols. But the sweet lady insisted on pushing the shiny, 18k stamped golden band into my hand. "take it, please take it".
"alright" I agreed, starting to become a little suspicious. But when she asked me for a payment in return , I finally understood what a fabulous scheme that was.
I laughed, and for the sheer appreciation of her innovative story, and the highly talented acting, (this was an entire 10 minute audience participation, very emotional show!), I handed her a 5 Euro note.


Anonymous Giorgia said...

must have been the grandma of the guy who wanted to sell you a tripod the other day near the coliseum... :-D

no, seriously, something similar to this happened to my mom a few years ago, only it wasn't a wedding ring, it was a diamond (or other precious stone, I can't remember), and the elderly woman just babbled for ages on about why my mom should've kept it because it was just the same exact colour of her eyes (in the end, I reckon it wasn't a "diamond", but some other blue supposed-to-be-very-precious stone...) and blah blah blah...

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