Sunday, October 01, 2006

Down, downtown

Here is another reason why I love New York so much:
Being sickly and pretty down, actually very, very down, I just didn't care today what I looked like. Hell, Everybody on the subway looks like shit too.
I headed down to see Lar and be depressed in his mellow, safe, loving company.
So I wore my old jeans, a pair of ugly flat boots, and a huge down jacket. Put my unbrushed hair in a pony tail and covered my eyes with some old sunglasses. And left my virus- infested house for some fresher air.
Non judgmental New York: New York on the subway, New York on the streets when you are incognito and looking, well, like you do in the morning, before the effort. New York way uptown or way downtown, and lots in the middle too. New York the great that picks you up and shows you that even if you are lost, you are eventually somewhere, and even if you have lost, there are still so many losers all around, just like you.


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