Saturday, September 16, 2006

"But DO change a hair for me..."

To whomever saw me in show # 1 or #2: By number 3 I felt almost, almost not sick anymore, (still coughing lots therefore not-so-good cords, sorry ya'll), but thank you thank you thank you Lordy: (well, thank to the combined power of heavens, great caring manager, bad press and some good common sense): I got back a beautiful full head of my own (dark) hair plus a few smashing extensions, and my costume got slightly adjusted so you can see some Carmen skin. (and not a dumpy short little red headed artichoke). Now we're talking. (or at least singing). PS Yo Midge, thanks for the (twisted) tip.
Well done and bravissimo to the house and to Suzy the wig mistress (however pissed off whomever might be), who had to be flexible and allow that change. But after all, we all have to be flexible from time to time, and we all know deep in or heart that the art of opera should be a flexible, living breathing form, and only when that's allowed, can one actually learn to love it.


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