Saturday, September 02, 2006


As we get closer to opening night, I can't help but wonder which critic from the New York Times is going to grace one of my performances with a review, and what are the possibilities. Only recently I caught a Carmen review which was given to a young "up-and-coming" Carmen who jumped in at the MET and was brutally chewed and spat out in the precious ARTS section two days later.
I have many, (in fact, come to think about it, most of my) colleagues who prefer not to read the reviews at all. Me, on the other hand, I am a review-savvy and I always like to search for them and find them, and against my will, I still treat them like my returned test scores. Silly to feel that way (especially when the "teacher" who's giving the "score" is not necessarily one who *should* be appointed as a "teacher" if you know what I mean) But at any rate, I still like to read them, and believe them, and learn from them if I can. After all, it IS someone's frank opinion, and I am open to hear it.
So far , thank heaven, most of my Carmen reviews were unbelievably good, but again, I have never sung this role in New York City, where everybody's so critical, jaded, bored and bitterly opinionated. Passing this one with my usual A+ would be a grand miracle, but I am not short of hopes.
{ PS Dear God, you know I am a good person; I swipe the poor in with my unlimited Metrocard, I smile at old sad people and sometimes make them forget their gloom for a moment, I don't throw diva fits, I am a lovable, justice loving Libra. I am loyal, faithful and generally kind. I am nice to all my colleagues and I don't intentionally hurt anybody. I try to work on my craft, I take voice lessons, I try to get better. Bla bla bla, I don't need to tell you all this, do I.
Now, listen ; (By the way, You *Know* that I don't do all of this for any good-Karma-in-return reasons, but if I did get some good stuff in return anyways, that would be such a nice thing... ) So: you *know* what I want, and you certainly *know*, that a nice, I mean a REALLY nice review in the NY Times (and elsewhere too if possible...) would be pretty helpful to me at this stage of my career. I understand It won't change my life all that much, but it will truly cheer me up. Yup.
Thank you for reading my Blog, and thank you again in advance for any future printed kind words. Yours, RS} :)


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