Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot and cooking

It is so good to be home; it's very hot outside but here inside it's cool and air conditioned. I clean a lot and cook for myself, something new, but how exciting.
My cousin came to visit and I cooked lunch. This is what I made:

I sauteed pine nuts, chopped onion, chopped prunes, some raisins, chopped tomato and some coriander, until brown. Then added stock (Chicken soup) to a boil. Then I covered with couscous grains, removed from the stove and let the couscous soak everything up. (my invention of the day: Moroccan/Dominican Couscous!) :)

I marinated chicken breast over night (the night before) in soy ginger and sesame sauce (which I bought at fairway...) and sauted that too. I also steamed some string beans with a touch of lemon and some salt. To accompany that lovely mid-day meal, we drank Australian chilled white shiraz (that's a better version of the usual Rose') . Was lovely!


Blogger Giorgia said...

since you apprear to be on cooking mode, could you please tell us the recipe for the chocolate cake you were talking about some time ago? :)

9:26 AM  
Blogger Singin'rin said...

Haha! actually, to tell you the truth about that cake... are you ready?... *{(( I used a pre-made cake mix))} shhhhh... BUT I did however add to the mix VERY GOOD chocolate chips ! :D

10:37 AM  

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